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A Renewal For
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Massage Therapy

Easing your aches & pains with holistic massage therapy.

I am a Sports Massage Therapist offering a bespoke treatment. I am trained to work deep in to the muscles, I work with an holistic approach to relieve tension in the body. Understanding the mindset of my clients is a priority, as the mind transfers to our body and we hold on to emotions, it is of the upmost importance that clients leave feeling revitalised in the body, mind and soul.

Massage is the manipulation of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia (the protective layer around the muscles) which helps to prevent injury, reduce and eliminate pain within the muscles and relieves the stresses being held in the body.

Massage is not just a physical treatment; it reduces the mental stress we can carry with us. Increasing the blood circulation around the body also increases the flow of oxygen which in turn will flush the body of toxins, release endorphins and serotonin, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals.

Massage is beneficial to all people, those who have active hobbies, gym users and those that are inactive or that sit for long periods of time. Book an appointment today and we will help you improve your flexibility, range of movement and feel better!

It’s never too late to show your body gratitude x

Neuro Linguistic Programming

The map of our mind

The power of the unconscious mind is incredible. The unconscious mind holds the library of our life, it is our very own Matrix. It is the instruction manual we have learnt, it contains things like walking, we don't remember our first steps but for most, they happened. Breathing, imagine if we had to remember to do this! Habits, like the cheeky biscuit before bed...and behaviours like how we react in situations that make us happy. It is our user manual.

Do you find yourself saying, "Can't believe its Monday again!" a cycle of time that comes and goes so quickly! You have created a pattern so that Monday to Friday are the days you work and then the weekend is spent cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping....maybe a night out or take away and before you know it, it's Sunday evening and you're mentally preparing to do it all over again? Don't you ever feel like jumping off the roundabout and stopping time - getting some space to just think or breathe - this cannot be all there is to life - breathe....

Choose your treatment

Select your therapeutic option.

Pick the perfect time

Choose the perfect time for you.

Reserve your space

Reserve the best time that suits you.

And relax...

Step in to a new you.

About Me

Hello, I am Sarah, Welcome to The Kind Soul!

The Kind Soul is a place for time out, a tranquil haven for people to escape the everyday 'busy'. Somewhere for 'You Time'.

I am passionate about healing people, constantly learning and developing skills. You can book a massage which is completely bespoke to what you need. Or maybe you need to offload all of the noise in your head and you need some support to refocus.

I am the difference that makes a difference, I am looking forward to seeing you soon x

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