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About Me

A Healing treatment

working with the mind, body & soul

Specialists in holistic

The Kind Soul is a business which I setup to be able to follow my passions, healing people.

In October 2019 I had a car accident on my way to a networking meeting, it was early morning around 5:30. It was dark outside, there was a light drizzle…a typical autumn morning. I approach a small village and as I drove towards the blind summit, I started to slow down, as I reached the top of the summit, I came face to face with a vehicle accelerating towards me (he was overtaking another vehicle). My body tensed, everything went quiet, I hit the brakes and I heard a gasp of air….

I share my story in more detail in my blog, so keep reading. This accident was my sign that my life needed to change and so I listened. I sold my business during the pandemic and retrained and became a Sports Massage Therapist, this journey led me to NLP and Hypnotherapy. 

I love helping people with aches and pains in their bodies and minds, balancing the soul. I have created an environment for you to relax and unwind, I am looking forward to seeing you soon,

Sarah x

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