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45 minute Massage

This treatment is perfect for those that to release tension and stress from their bodies. The time allows us to cover the main areas where we carry tension, releasing the stress stored in the muscles and boosting the circulatory system to remove unwanted toxins.


60 minute Massage

This treatment allows more time to work on specific areas of discomfort. Ideal for active people where the muscles may be under pressure more frequently. This massage will work deeply with the muscles enabling an improved range of movement and flexibility.


90 minute Massage

An ideal treatment for individuals that want to experience a full body, intensive treatment. It is perfect for those that may be training for a particular event or those that just want to experience a relaxing wellbeing session. This treatment is the indulgent gift to your body.


Individual Session

This session could be used for a variety of options. You may want to use it to get a taste of what you could achieve, or it could be used to for releasing a phobia or installing a feeling of calm.


Bespoke breakthrough

This is a four session programme that can be used to give you the tools to help you make a specific change. These session will be weekly to help you get the results you desire.


Combination "You Time"

A three hour combination programme, you will get the benefit of combining massage with NLP. Come and get some timeout, enjoy a bespoke massage and lets talk.


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