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crystal healing

chakra balancing

healing power of crystals

crystal healing

Healing power of crystals and rebalancing chakras

Crystals are stones formed from minerals, they have a three-dimensional repeating patterns of atoms. Crystals form different shapes, sizes and colours depending on the environment they are formed. Crystals develop over thousands of years and the repeating structure of the atoms is said to allow the crystals to have a memory and the power to hold energy.

I cleanse the crystals and fill their memory chambers with positive healing energy, the crystals are selected based on chakra stones or pendulum energy. I work through the chakras using the pendulum, checking each chakra to see if they are open or closed, the crystals are used to open all the chakras and get them moving in the same direction.

This relaxing, energetic treatment will allow you to connect with your inner peace and relax.

Perfect For

Relaxation, healing and spiritual wellbeing.


Light, this is touch free, crystals are placed on the body.

Massage Session

40 minutes is your full treatment time, come and enjoy.

Book Now

45 minute

An energetic, spiritual healing session. Allow your body to absorb the energy from the crystals and trust in your pathway to healing.


...And Relax

Once you have booked your treatment, you will receive a confirmation email, please make sure you add a note of this to your diary!

Please allow additional time for your appointment I would advise 30 minutes. The time you have booked for your treatment is the full treatment time, we still need to carry out a consultation and I would like you to feel relaxed before and after your treatment.

Once you have arrived, please let me take care of you, relax, unwind and enjoy x

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