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what is hypnosis?

A direct link to your subconscious mind to enable change.

Do you want to change a habit in a stress free way? Hypnosis is the way forward to help you break the habit and make a better lifestyle for you. 

Most people think of comedy stage shows and whilst these show the power of hypnosis they also show the participants behaving in a way you might not expect them too, walking like a chicken or speaking a made up language….a whilst this can be funny, it can also be off putting. So let me start by saying, I do not perform comical hypnosis, you will not leave a session and have the urge to walk like a chicken when you hear your doorbell ring!

So what do I do? I help people change behaviours and habits they no longer want to have. And that is the important part, you have to want to change the behaviour. I combine my NLP and Hypnosis practitioner skills together which create the ultimate programme for change. We will work through the problem together and make sure we are solving the problem by the root cause and not just putting a plaster over the top.

My passion is helping people making healthier lifestyle choices, I love working with people that want to quit smoking and those that want to lose weight. I work with people that want to change, let me help you.


You have all the resources you need to change, I enable you.

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All programmes are bespoke and available ONLINE

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Quit Smoking

4 steps to Quit Smoking.
Includes questionnaire, a dedicated session for NLP techniques & craving management (1-2 hours), and 1 bespoke hypnosis session (1 hour).


Weight Loss

8 Steps to Weight Loss.
Includes questionnaire, a dedicated session for NLP techniques & craving management (1-2 hours), and 6 bespoke hypnosis sessions.



Contact me about a habit or behaviour you would like to change and let me build you a bespoke programme.

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