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Hypnotherapy Newport Pagnell

change with ease

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How hypnosis helps

Change yourself from within

To help change yourself and break those bad habits, leads to a better lifestyle and a better you. But it’s not always that simple and this is where hypnotherapy comes in. Helping to spark a positive change and get rid of those habits.

My hypnotherapy practice

If the first image that comes to mind is a circus or comedy stage, then you may be glad to know it’s not quite that. Whilst the routine of getting someone to change their behaviours is similar, you can rest assured that you won’t end up leaving my Newport Pagnell hypnotherapy practice feeling the need to croak like a frog every time someone claps their hands; I don’t perform any kind of comical hypnotherapy.

Change unhelpful patterns

As an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, I’m here to help change and adjust the subconscious mind. Break down and help people overcome those habits and phobias that adversely influence our day to day lives from negative thoughts to sleep problems. This combined with my NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) techniques work together for the ultimate program of change. This is key to identifying ways to solve the problem at the root, rather than putting a quick fix over the top.

Boost Your Self Esteem

I have a passion for helping people make healthier lifestyle choices. I love working with people that want to stop smoking and those that want to use hypnotherapy to aid weight loss. I work with people that want to change and increase self confidence; let me help you.


You have all the resources you need to change, I enable you.

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All programmes are bespoke and available ONLINE

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Quit Smoking

4 steps to Quit Smoking.
Includes questionnaire, a dedicated session for NLP techniques & craving management (1-2 hours), and 1 bespoke hypnosis session (1 hour).


Weight Loss

8 Steps to Weight Loss.
Includes questionnaire, a dedicated session for NLP techniques & craving management (1-2 hours), and 6 bespoke hypnosis sessions.



Contact me about a habit or behaviour you would like to change and let me build you a bespoke programme.

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