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Neuro Linguistic Programming
Newport Pagnell

brining the change to you

Helping learn an important skill

How neuro Linguistic Programming Can Help

Rediscover complex sense to help open your mind

What is neuro linguistic programming

We can all learn NLP, and like riding a bicycle, it becomes a lifelong skill. Not only can we use it for ourselves to bring about change, but it is perfect for sharing and passing onto others too. Like the journey of improving ourselves, learning NLP techniques is a continuous path and each NLP practitioner will have their own way to guide you.

Why try it?

At our Newport Pagnell practice, I work with individuals that want to change from one state to a new desired state. This personal development is a fundamental benefit of neuro linguistic programming and often the main catalyst of why people take it up. Promoting this self-discovery and difference could be for a variety of positive changes. As an example, some people might want to change their behaviour, or possibly a phobia or even an unhelpful habit. Or maybe you are not sure what needs to change and you need some help, talking through your current state or problem with me and I can help you find your answers, “People have all the resources they need to succeed”.

This is all why NLP training makes me so passionate because the tools it teahces you can be applied to many different applications and scenarios. Making the changes in the subconscious is key because that’s where the mind stores EVERYTHING like a giant library. Not only storing the past, but also the strategy for the future, NLP gives us the power to write this ourselves, and relearn past skills too. Once tapped in, we can change our perception of reality and empower change in who you want to be.

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You have all the resources you need to change, I can help you trigger them.


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NLP Sessions

Individual sessions, bespoke breakthrough packages or dedicated programmes.

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Individual Session

This session can be used for a variety of options. Get a taste of what you could achieve, or it could be used for releasing a phobia, pain management or installing a feeling of calm.


Bespoke breakthrough

This is a four session programme that can be used to give you the tools to help you make a specific change. These session will be weekly to help you get the results you desire.


Combination "You Time"

A three hour combination programme, you will get the benefit of combining massage with NLP. Come and get some timeout, enjoy a bespoke massage and lets talk.


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