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Relaxation Massage Milton Keynes

A Happy Body Is A Happy Mind

The ultimate way to get relaxed

Relaxation Massage Milton Keynes

Helping you to relax with our specialist massage therapy

A relaxation massage is a great way to quickly calm both the mind and body. From all the daily stresses in our lives, a full-body massage can help us unwind and show some gratitude to our bodies for carrying us throughout the day, whether that’s a job on your feet all day, or a pressured office-based job.

Mental and physical self-care

Looking after our bodies is also important for our mental self-care as well. Regular massage treatments can alleviate emotions we might be holding onto. These emotions also often present themselves physically as well as in the form of muscle pains and aches. The massage therapists work into these muscles and deep tissue

How massages help

Throughout each massage, and for a while afterwards, a massage causes hormones to be released. The increase in blood circulation makes us feel physically relaxed, immediately calming us and as a result, serotonin is released; serotonin is more commonly known as the happy hormone. Massage therapy has many benefits and is the perfect way to help the whole body feel relaxed by relieving muscle tension and mental stress.

For more information or to book appointments, you can see below or contact me directly if you are looking for something specific.

Perfect For

Muscular aches, Tension, Overwhelm, Fatigue, Time out


Light-medium, we treat you to a preferred pressure so this will vary.

Massage Session

45 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes, this is your full treatment time.

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45 minute Massage

This treatment is the perfect treatment for neck, shoulders and back massage to relax the upper body. During this time you should notice the tension releasing in your body and a boost in your feel good.


60 minute Massage

A full body relaxation treatment working through any tension and gently easing the body of any tension. Easing the body, working from the neck to the feet and allowing you to relax and enjoy time out.


90 minute Massage

The ultimate wellbeing treatment, a full 90 minute of full body relaxation, working from the neck to the feet and allowing you time to focus on you. The gift of gratitude to your body and mind deserve.


...And Relax

Once you have booked your treatment, you will receive a confirmation email, please make sure you add a note of this to your diary!

Please allow additional time for your appointments. I would advise 30 minutes. The time you have booked for your treatment is the full treatment time, we still need to carry out a consultation and I would like you to feel relaxed before and after your treatment.

Once you have arrived, please let me take care of you, relax, unwind and enjoy x

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