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Relaxation Massage

A Healing Massage

The perfect way to spend time

Relaxation Massage

Just relax and unwind with a soothing massage therapy.

Massage can instantly relax and calm the body and mind. I believe it is important to show our body gratitude for the daily stress we put it under, whether that be a mentally demanding office-based job or if we are on our feet all day, our body gives us the life we have and therefore we should give it thanks.

Selfcare is so important, we should enjoy the time out and invest in our body and mind. Massage helps alleviate any stress or emotion we carry, the issues we are experiencing emotionally show up in our body physically. I see a lot of people that come for treatment to relax, to get time out so they can spend some time without any disturbances. The emotion they carry is usually stored in their upper body, specifically shoulders and neck.

Massage releases hormones into the body because we relax and feel calm, serotonin, our happy hormone is released. You instantly feel good, and this is the perfect start to your time out, when you feel good you can unwind further and make sense of any thoughts you might have or need to process or maybe you just want to clear you mind and create inner peace and calm.

An essential oil is used for your treatment to create a soothing atmosphere for your time, your space, your massage, your selfcare x

Perfect For

Muscular aches, Tension, Overwhelm, Fatigue, Time out


Light-medium, we treat you to a preferred pressure so this will vary.

Massage Session

45 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes, this is your full treatment time.

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45 minute Massage

This treatment is the perfect treatment for neck, shoulders and back massage to relax the upper body. During this time you should notice the tension releasing in your body and a boost in your feel good.


60 minute Massage

A full body relaxation treatment working through any tension and gently easing the body of any tension. Easing the body, working from the neck to the feet and allowing you to relax and enjoy time out.


90 minute Massage

The ultimate wellbeing treatment, a full 90 minute of full body relaxation, working from the neck to the feet and allowing you time to focus on you. The gift of gratitude to your body and mind deserve.


...And Relax

Once you have booked your treatment, you will receive a confirmation email, please make sure you add a note of this to your diary!

Please allow additional time for your appointments. I would advise 30 minutes. The time you have booked for your treatment is the full treatment time, we still need to carry out a consultation and I would like you to feel relaxed before and after your treatment.

Once you have arrived, please let me take care of you, relax, unwind and enjoy x

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