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Retreat to calm

are you secretly holding it together? feeling stressed and unbalanced?

destress and
balance yourself


This free online retreat has been designed to give you some time back in your day, you know the time that you spend feeling a bit flustered and stressed out? Those moments when it takes more than a few deep breathes and a walk around the office to cool off, they just don't seem to cut it anymore!
Stress is one of the biggest killers, it kills relationships, it kills careers, it kills parts of you...slowly, lacking sleep, bad moods, headaches, tension in the body, humour fades as it manifests anxiety, depression and other illnesses...

The free, online retreat has been designed to give you some time back in your day, you will take a break and focus on you, learn how to recognise stress, manage it and work with it.

I have designed this retreat for you;

  • I will show you a simple technique you can use instantly to reduce stress.
  • I will let you take Control of your stress and remove the feeling of being flustered.
  • Help you to STOP snapping at people, there is nothing worse than feeling like you’re unapproachable.
  • Inject a bit of wellbeing in to your life and how it doesn’t have to cost a penny!

You have Success in your Career but what about Success in your Life, where is the balance? 

You get frustrated, you’re at the top of your career game but life is just drifting, you keep choosing work; you’re bored or even scared, the fear of realising what you have missed out on is greater than the fear of keeping the blinkers on and carrying on as you are. 

Fear and frustration lead to stress and a short fuse, snapping at colleagues or people that are close to you. 

You work really long hours, early starts, late finishes, no lunch breaks and you find yourself going through emails at the weekend.

Stress is your new BFF and you’re not sure how to replace them or get them to back off a little.

You keep trying a new pathway in hope of change but you’re still waiting.

People have distanced themselves, you’ve lost your sense of humour and it’s a bit bleak.

It’s not too late to make changes and create the life you desire!

This is the retreat for you! Get Signed Up!

The Retreat to Calm is a retreat to give you an instant release of stress, kickstart your wellbeing and invite you to find new ways to reinvent you, it’s never too late to change. Sign up and find out how you can make change happen for you!

…I have since had NLP and it's the best thing I've ever done, in a short space of time Sarah has managed to get me to think differently, refocus on my dreams and believe in myself, I have some amazing tools in my locker now which I didn't have before I would highly recommend Sarah not only as a professional she is fantastic at what she does! But also as a human being, she is simply a lovely lady and has a light energy about her! I enjoy my sessions and I appreciate the help very much…”

Contact me for
more information

Find out more about my Retreat to Calm and take control of stress, get some clarity and meet some other amazing people that are feeling the same way you do.

About Sarah, the Kind Soul

Hello, I am Sarah the owner of The Kind Soul, I am a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Massage therapist, Reiki and Crystal Healer and I love nothing more that helping people see their true purpose and destress and rebalance their life. I changed my career after a series of wake up calls, I missed the first few (to be honest I have no idea how many I missed as I lived in a denial bubble of thinking it was all going to change for me, not that I had to change it!) but I loved my job as an Accountant (my full story is in a series of blogs), I just did too much, created a huge imbalance in my life and allowed the fun to slip away.

I focussed on work so much, I diminished relationships, I stopped seeing friends and stayed home either sleeping or working. On reflection I resented my work and did not enjoy it; it was a chore. I was lonely, I had no time for hobbies, I had two holidays in seven years.

Work Hard Play Hard mentality needed to STOP! I was lucky enough to have a a pretty big wake up call which there was no escaping from, it took me on a journey to realise I had to make changes and choose a new route. I now have a career that I love, I have balance by choosing my hours of work, I rebuilt friendships, I got my sense of humour back, I look after me. To be honest it's like I've retired early, and I am enjoying my retirement!

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