I am on a mission this year, learning new skills and developing them. Since I have changed my career, I have become a bit obsessed with learning in this new world of wellbeing.

I retrained during the pandemic in 2020, training to be a Sports Massage Therapist. This course was my steppingstone from Accountancy to Wellbeing, the final step (for now) is to be a Reiki therapist, in addition to my skills!

I discovered NLP in 2019 when I met a friend, Charlotte, networking and she helped me overcome some challenges I was facing using NLP. When I was contacting clients earlier this year, 2021, I was reaching out to explain that I had sold the business and a client told me about this amazing course she was doing, NLP, she was so excited, and I asked to be introduced to the tutor for the next intake. Oh My! This was another life changing event!

NLP led to Hypnosis and now the two go hand in hand, they are so powerful. When I started learning about Hypnosis, I was a little sceptical because, like most, Hypnosis was a stage show, people walking like chickens and doing things that made them look a little silly. BUT I soon came to realise how powerful it was, I mean if people did walk like chickens, then imagine what else it can do. This is HUGE!

So, I tested the concept. I did a whole weekend of learning some of the syllabus with some amazing NLP practitioners and the wonderful Jo Ellis (if you are interested in self-development and wellbeing then book a 15-minute discovery call with this lady – life changing!) On the Monday evening my sister and I run with a run club, we have both signed up to do the London Landmark Half Marathon next year, in aid of Thomas’s Fund and thought we should get some help to reach the distance! We always meet and walk to the group together, so we had a few extra minutes (literally 4 minutes) on Monday evening. And I said to my sister “Shall I hypnotise you to have a fabulous run?”

Within about 30 seconds she was in trance and putty in my hands. NOW, I too was in a hypnotic state (the best way to be) and I started making suggestions, you are an amazing runner, you are strong and distance is your strength. You are healthy, fit and pain-free. You find your rhythm easily and enjoy every moment….3,2,1 and you’re back and ready to smash this run….We ran at the front of the group, we made it look easy, we were doing loopbacks (to keep the run group together, we start together, we run together, we finish together), we were laughing and chatting, we synchronised pace and smashed it – we both felt amazing!

I am going to leave this right here, but before I go, I just want to tell you that I haven’t hypnotised her since and we are still consistent at the front of the group and smashing our goals.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you have had any experience with hypnosis, whether you were a chicken walker or if you used hypnosis to implement change? How did you find it, would you do it again and if so, what for?

The difference that makes a difference, Sarah x

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