I was guided to Reiki and at the time I had no idea what it was. I still do not fully understand how powerful it is as a healing tool. Knowing how little I knew but how right it felt to go on this path, I needed something in between, a steppingstone where people knew and understood (as much as I did) about the direction I was taking my career. I was told in a spiritual reading that I would be prompted by a reoccurring advert.

Scrolling through Facebook would be my evening distraction, we were in a lockdown after all, I saw no one, I was at home with the dog. She doesn’t hold a great conversation but at least it felt like someone was listening to me…? So, to keep in touch with the outside World, Facebook became very handy…Sports Massage Therapy – There it was, or was it? Don’t overthink this Sarah, just reach out and apply.

An intensive course in Sports Massage Therapy, this would get me started. It wasn’t too far; it was a weekend course, and I would be qualified in 2020! Perfect! The course was hard work, we met every Sunday afternoon for 12 weeks, for most part of the session it was to cover the practical side of the course. There was a lot of theoretical to learn, more than I had bargained for to be completely honest. But I did it! The challenges started to come along afterwards and my advice to you now would be; Check your governing body or association before you choose a course. Make sure the course is one they would approve; it makes it much easier. Since completing the Sports Massage course in December 2020 I have continued to study in a direction I did not see coming.

When I was reaching out to old clients to tell them I had sold the accountancy firm (see previous blogs), I spoke with one person and she was telling me about this amazing course she was doing, NLP, she was so excited and full of enthusiasm, so I asked to be introduced to the tutor for a chat.

NLP has led me to a completely different mindset to the one I had before. Its allowed me to create a true map of me, to continue working on me, it all feels a little mystical, but it is truly powerful. I have a toolbox of what can only be described as spells to facilitate change to those that want to change. And guess what; You can be whomever you want to be! And you can change and change again if you want. Life has a roadmap which we complete and colour in, you may see a mountain and the person next to you sees an adventure. You might see the sunsetting as drawing a close to a day whereas someone else will see this as a new day beginning. AND guess what; no one is wrong! When we have the power to see this our world can change, our thoughts, our behaviour, our future.

I have continued my development and learning of the subconscious mind, and I completed a mastery in NLP and I am also a Hypnotherapist! I also continued my development with my spiritual learning and have completed courses in Crystal and Reiki healing. I have knowledge and qualifications to work with Mind, Body and Soul and I love every minute.

The reason why I wanted to share my story with you is because everyone has a story about their life, or an important part of their life. When we write about our story and share with others, we can help people overcome challenges that they might be facing or give them strength and belief in what they are doing. We all have bad days, and we all have great days. Sometimes good moments in days are hard to see than other times but if you look hard enough there will always be someone there to support you or guide you along. Look out for the signs, listen to positivity, and start your journey now or maybe share it with someone and inspire them.

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